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Planet Burrito Comes to a Close

Feb 20, 2014 01:25PM ● By Anonymous
The renowned 'Burrito's As Big As Your Face' restaurant has officially shut its doors for good.

If you search for Planet Burrito on any type of social media platform, it's as if the company never existed. While no official announcement was made, it seems the chain of burrito locations all permanently closed.

According to a recent post on Urbanspoon, the Plano location manager explained that Planet Burrito had a "good, core product," but "the problem is they tried to do too much."

Similar in many ways to Chipotle, Planet Burrito was a stand-in-line place that offered various sizes, ingredients and clever item names such as 'Surfer Babe' and 'Fish Tastic.'

Planet Burrito opened in Southlake in 2005 as co-owners Bill, William and Bob Campbell wanted to play off the Tex-Mex craze, but incorporate their own Californian spin. 

The whole concept was an ever-growing menu that featured new and creative items. However, it's a concept that many customers were not a fan of.

"I'd like it more if they got their act together," says reviewer Jon. "Every time we go there it is some new menu or concept."