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Southlake Style

First Steps

Feb 28, 2014 10:33AM ● By Anonymous

Letter for the Editor - March

When we made the move from New York to Texas 10 years ago, Nicole and I weren’t sure it would be the place for us to settle down and start a family. However, we quickly came to realize that North Texas — more specifically, Southlake — was that perfect place. Since then, we’ve met many people and are still taken aback at how many are transplants just like us. There are so many families from across the country looking for a place to call home that are drawn here like moths to a flame.

For many us, Southlake Town Square has been that flame. Originally opened to the public in March 1999, this month it celebrates 15 years as the quintessential symbol of community. As the backdrop to outstanding annual events like next month’s Art in the Square, Southlake Town Square is often the setting for memories and moments worthy of a Norman Rockwell canvas. Even a simple, sunny day in March can produce a candid, heart-warming moment, like my daughter Mia’s first steps on the grass of our city hall’s front lawn.

March 2006 also saw the first steps of our magazine. Eight years ago this month, we launched the very first issue of Southlake Style. And wouldn’t you know, that issue celebrated the grand opening of the Grand Avenue district, phase two of Southlake Town Square’s development.

With the affirming growth of our city, our magazine and our kids, I couldn’t be happier with the choices I made a decade ago or with the choices made by those responsible for what we all hold dear.

Yours in Southlake Style...

Mike Tesoriero