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Local Flavor - Off-Site Kitchen

Mar 06, 2014 08:35AM ● By Anonymous

Photo by Dustin Vyers

By James Reid

This month, we are going a bit less upscale — but not sacrificing quality or taste — by taking a look at one of my favorite spots for lunch in the DFW area, Off-Site Kitchen.

Often referred to as OSK, the restaurant began as an experiment for Nick Badovinus, founder and owner of Neighborhood Services. Before opening his own establishments, he was the corporate executive chef for the Consilient Hospitality Group (Fireside Pies, Hibiscus, The Porch). For a year before it opened to the public, OSK was used to prep the meats used in Nick’s other restaurants as well as for experimenting with new dishes.

Situated in a very industrial area of Dallas on the corner of Wycliff Ave. and Irving Blvd., you probably won’t notice OSK at first glance. Look again, and you’ll see a very plain building on the northwest corner of the intersection with the word “eat” in rusty letters perched atop a pole. Next, you’ll likely notice cars fighting for one of the few parking spots. Then, you’ll spot the plain wooden sign reading “Off-Site Kitchen” hiding under the eave of the roof. However, “small” isn’t the right word for OSK — it is cramped, but that doesn’t limit the big flavors you’ll find inside.

In the lobby area, old-school drink dispensers feature a rotating selection of Hawaiian Punch and Kool-Aid situated next to a standard soft-drink dispenser. Grab a Styrofoam cup to make your selection, or choose from various beers that include Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pearl Light and Schlitz Malt Liquor, a beer my dad enjoyed back in the day. Take a moment to take in OSK’s vintage Americana décor — old magazine ads and pin-up posters from the 80s. The menu boards spell out the choices in block letter stickers usually used on mailboxes with trophy cow heads between them, and a wooden countertop is stacked with miniature pies (try the pecan — it is amazing).

The menu is simple and straightforward: handcrafted burgers and sandwiches topped with slow-cooked, chopped meats; grilled sandwiches; sandwiches with roasted meats; a few tacos; and some fried chicken. Notice the theme here? Sandwiches and meats. Simple and to the point.

The smiling staff is friendly yet a bit sassy as they take your order. If it’s your first time at OSK, get the “Do It Murph-Style” burger. It’s stacked with roasted jalapeño and smoked bacon relish, a slice of American cheese, OSK’s secret sauce, grilled onions and a thin quarter-pound patty of ground Angus. It is the best burger I’ve ever had. Add some hand-cut fries, and you are set for a great lunch.

Indoor seating is very limited, so you’ll do better to find a seat outside at the picnic tables, where you might sit with people you just met. A vintage Honda motorcycle stands nearby, framed by a wall mural showcasing “OSK” in large letters.

You can’t go wrong for lunch at Off-Site Kitchen. I try to stop there whenever I am in the area for a client meeting or just enjoying a nice afternoon in the Big D. Do It Murph-Style or any other style on the menu, and enjoy!

Off-Site Kitchen

2226 Irving Blvd., Dallas