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Six Tips for Home Safety During Spring Break Travel

Mar 06, 2014 11:57AM ● By Anonymous
As we pack up for spring break travels to warmer weather, make sure your house is in tip-top-security shape.

The FBI reports that robbery, burglary and property crime are in decline. However, it's still critical to take appropriate measures to make sure your home is safe.

Luckily for us, the Electronic Security Association has got us covered. Here are a few helpful tips to protect your home while you have fun away.

Keep Quiet About Travel Plans

While you may want to share on all of your social media outlets about your vacation, it's best to keep the news off the worldwide web. 

Discourage Burglars from Picking Your Home

An unoccupied home is an easy target for potential burglary, so the one way to avoid this is to make it appear as though someone is home. Set timers on lights, televisions and radios or ask your neighbor to put your trash cans out. 

Prevent Easy Access to Belongings

Burglars spend no more than 60 seconds breaking into a home. Use locks on windows, doors and other entry points to decrease various avenues of entry. 

Round Up the Troops

Allow your neighbors, friends and family access to your home during your vacation plans to keep an eye on your property and belongings. Provide a key and contact numbers where you can be easily reached. 

Identify the Crime

More than 400 convicted burglars revealed that roughly 60% of subjects admitted that the presence of an alarm would cause them to discontinue the crime. Invest in a security system to add protection and piece of mind. 

Monitor Your Home

Smart phone technology is a useful tool for protecting your property while traveling. You can enhance security system surveillance by viewing your home from your phone or receiving notifications of suspicious activity.