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Southlake Style

The Long-term Approach

Apr 15, 2014 08:43AM ● By Anonymous

Letter from Editor, June.

Despite what today’s high-profile athletes might have you thinking, pointing at the scoreboard is not a sustainable approach to success. Sure, victory is the goal on any given game day, but regardless of the score, champions are those who have given their all for their team as they walk off the field. Maximizing potential, working smarter, staying focused and humbly overcoming obstacles — these are the tenets of success gleaned from our sit-down with three of Southlake Carroll’s most accomplished coaches at arguably the state’s most accomplished athletic program. For Kevin Murphy, Justin Leonard and Greg Oglesby, athletic success is unlike today’s popular notions of instant gratification. They know there is no fast track to winning, and there aren’t any shortcuts worth pursuing. These Carroll coaches are also educators who make sure the athletes noted within this issue understand that tomorrow’s champions are born from years of daily preparation, focus and determination. Winning is but a positive side effect of taking the long-term approach to success.

With back-to-back UIL Lone Star Cup trophies and a commanding lead in this year’s hunt for a three-peat — many across the state might be wondering about the “overnight success” of the Dragons. Those closest to the program know true champions are built over the long term. This issue of Dragon Pride Spring aims to highlight the coaches, athletes and families who invest so much to become champions on and off the field