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Meet the Candidates for Place One Spot

Apr 29, 2014 11:02AM ● By 16560
Four City Council candidates are running for office, including Martin Schelling and Shahid Shafi in Place 1.

Incumbent Martin Schelling filed on the first day to run again for the Place 1 spot. We got a chance to talk with Schelling about his vision if chosen for the candidacy.

Image titleMartin Schelling

Why are you running for City Council?

I believe that it is important to give back to the community that you live in and I believe with my years of service to the City, I am able to make informed and objective decisions which will be in the best interests of our citizens and our city.

Explain why Southlake residents should vote for you?

I have lived in Southlake 21.5 years and have volunteered for the City 20 years. My experience included 3 years on the City Council, 13 years on the Crime Control and Prevention District and 8 years on SPIN. I am fair, objective and I treat all parties professionally and I am the more qualified person in the race.

How are you planning on improving the City of Southlake?

I will insure that we keep our very high quality of standards for both our residential and commercial developments. I will make sure we continue to invest in our infrastructure to improve our roads, parks and sidewalks. Continue working with our schools districts to insure our children get the best education possible.

What are some of your priorities on your list if re-elected for the position?

Insure that we have the safest environment for our schools and our City. Insure that we have adequate water supplies for our community. Improve our mobility in town. Continue to be a fiscal conservative and a good steward of the tax payer’s money. Make sure we partner with our neighboring cities, our county and our school district to make our dollars go farther.

Surgeon and local resident Shahid Shafi is also running for the Southlake City Council Place 1 spot.

Image title

Shahid Shafi

Why are you running for city council? 

To serve the citizens of Southlake.

Explain why Southlake residents should vote for you.

I will work hard to protect and preserve the quality of life we have come to enjoy in Southlake.

How are you planning on improving the city of Southlake?

By attracting high quality residential and commercial development and maintaining superior municipal services for our citizens.

What are some of the priorities on your list if elected for the position?

Maintaining medium to low density housing, reducing traffic, and supporting our schools. 

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