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Meet the Candidates for Place Six Spot

Apr 30, 2014 08:32AM ● By 16560

Four City Council candidates are running for office, including Virginia M. Muzyka and Gary Fawks for Place 6.

Both Fawks and Muzyka filed for Place 6 on the first day, and both served the Council in previous terms.

Fawks served on the City Council from 1996 to 1998 and was involved with the planning and development of Southlake Town Square from concept plan to grand opening.

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Gary Fawks

Why are you running for city council?

Recent council decisions have allowed more dense and less than top quality development in Southlake. This affects our property values and our quality of life. We need to return to the vision that made Southlake the great community it is today.  

Explain why Southlake residents should vote for you.

As a former Mayor Pro Tem and two term council member during some of Southlake’s busiest years I have the experience that Southlake needs. During my two prior council terms we brought corporate campus development to the 114 Corridor with the Sabre and Verizon projects, passed the development ordinances that assured neighborhood protection and high quality commercial, passed the bonds that made the trails and sidewalks possible, passed the crime control district providing needed public safety funding, opened the first city library, acquired over 600 acres of park land, and worked with the developer to make Town Square a reality.

How are you planning on improving the city of Southlake?

We need to return to the vision that made Southlake the great community we all love. That includes an emphasis on solid land use planning, lower density housing, corporate campus development on the 114 corridor, and demanding the very best for our city. That also means listening to the concerns of our residents and not being afraid to say no when a development is not right. What are some of the priorities on your list if elected for the position?

I believe we should follow our Land Use Plan and not change it to meet the whims of the developers, and that we should always consider the impact of new development on our residents and on traffic. We need to stop the trend of high density residential development and of less than top quality commercial. While I was on city council we twice lowered taxes, and I believe it is time that we take a serious look at ways to lower the tax burden on our residents.

Muzyka has served as the Mayor Pro Tem as well as the chairman of Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #1. Additionally, she was the vice president of Southlake Parks Development Corporation 

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Virginia Muzyka

Why are you running for city council?

Having help develop Southlake's Master Plan and Ordinances, supported low to medium residential density, improved roads and water services, parks and public safety facilities, I want to serve on Council to continue my commitment to our community.

Explain why Southlake residents should vote for you.

I am the most qualified person in this race with a proven record of commitment to Southlake.  A tough negotiator, I have been instrumental in developing Southlake's Master Plan and Development Ordinances. My record has always supported low and medium residential density, improved roads, parks and public safety facilities and increasing water services. My relationship with the School District is an A+. I would like to ask for your vote.

How are you planning on improving the city of Southlake?

Southlake is one of the major growth areas in Texas.  Our financial position is most important to the well being of our City. This determines the city's credit worthiness for potential investors including the areas of management, environmental, financial systems and performance.   As a councilmember my responsibility is to recognize where  budget improvement is needed and work toward achieving the best possible outcome.  

What are some of the priorities on your list if elected for the position?

Mobility is a high point of frustration. I will work to improve the traffic flow and to provide sidewalks and trails to enhance the safety of pedestrian passage in our City.

Low to medium residential density and quality commercial has been the hallmark of our City development. I will continue to follow our Master Plan as proven in my prior terms.

The health of the City is shown by having a fiscally conservative budget. During my time on Council (2004-2010), we attained the AAA bond rating.  I will work to keep the budget fiscally sound.

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