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Southlake Style

The Century Mark

May 01, 2014 09:32AM ● By 16560

Letter from Editor, June.

May 2014

One hundred. It’s the number of U.S. senators, the temperature at which water boils and the basis of our monetary system. It can bring a smile, like when your child aces a test or races across 100 yards to score a touchdown. It can even put a bounce in your step; according to Billboard’s Top 100, it’s the song everyone is dancing to (currently, it’s Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”).

As this month’s issue reaches your coffee table, I’m happy to say Southlake Style has reached the century mark. One hundred issues ago, we covered the grand opening of the Grand Avenue District of Southlake Town Square. Since that first issue, we’ve come to enjoy a special place in the community and in your homes as the most-read local publication. Together, we’ve seen this area transform from sleepy suburb to a vibrant destination full of opportunities.

Thumbing through our pile of past issues was a humbling experience to say the least. We’ve come a long way since March of 2006 — nine annual Best Mom essay contests to be exact — and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our business and community partners, our readers and the hundreds of kids who penned, typed or crayoned those essays through the years.

As I look around, I’m also invigorated because it’s plain to see there are many great things still to come — new parks, new restaurants, new hotels and ever more places to come together and celebrate our community with style. Celebrating community: That was the plan in our first 100 issues and will be our plan for the next 100 to come. 

See our 100th issue as it goes to press!