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Love Never Ends

May 09, 2014 02:28PM ● By 16560
2014 Best Mom Essay Contest

For its ninth annual Best Mom Essay Contest, Southlake Style was honored to present the Best Mom award and prize package to another deserving mother. Old Union Elementary fourth grader Kendall Lyman wrote a heartfelt paper about her loving and creative mom, whose “warm, kind smile always brightens my day.” Kelly Lyman, unaware that teachers, students and staff were waiting for her in the school’s library, was immediately overcome with emotion when she realized what was happening. After Kendall read her winning essay aloud to the group, Kelly received more than $2,000 worth of gifts from retailers including Grayson Allen and Bludoor Studios. Tears were flowing, but they were happy tears as Kendall and Kelly shared a special moment that they will always remember.

Best Mom in Southlake

By Kendall Lyman

My mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go. She is the most creative, loving and fun mother in all of Southlake. I am very glad to be her daughter.

There are not many moms more creative than mine. She is always working on some artistic project like designing my sister’s room. Once when we moved to our new house, mine had nothing in it, but when I came back from camp, I found my room completely decorated. My mom is very creative.

My mom is also one of the most loving moms in Southlake. She can always help you when you are feeling down or understand when you do something wrong. Her warm, kind smile always brightens my day. My mom’s love never ends.

My mom is very fun, too. She always had ideas on what to do in our free time, like going on a bike ride or having a friend over. There is never a wasted second around my mom.

There are many moms in Southlake, though I feel my mom is the best mom there is because she is creative, loving and fun. I am very lucky to be her daughter.

Special thanks to those who donated gifts for this year’s Best Mom

Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers

Bludoor Studios

Corinthian Wellness Spa

Smart Bronze

Hilton Southlake

Sunstone Yoga