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Southlake Style

You Are What You Drink

May 27, 2014 10:25AM ● By 16560

Howard Wang's Asian Pear Margarita.

June 2014

Letter from the Editor

Barbeques and neighborly patio sessions, resurrecting the drive-in movie and enjoying a good book — ironically regaining life’s balance while the hammock sways — I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the simple joys of summer.

It’s time to gather round the ice chest, the margarita machine or that stack of red Solo cups — whatever houses the libation that brings you liberation. Like it or not, your choice says a lot about you.

Tropical vacations and cruises aside, an umbrella drink says that you are very determined and self-aware. In the middle of a three-week stretch with the kids, you know you can’t get through another day of waterparks and play dates without the sugar rush. The spiked sweetness of the drink making its way through the straw is nearly impossible. Nevertheless, you carry on through the entire ice cream headache. You are a warrior.

Fruit drinks (over ice, not blended) are a sign of both sophistication and pragmatism. In the winter, you drink wine and scotch  — served in the proper glass, of course  — but it’s hot in Texas, and you must stay hydrated and find ways to get more potassium. Your body needs its vitamins, so you eat the fruit garnish.

Beer. It’s like the girl next door. Everybody likes beer, and everyone likes you, the beer drinker. You didn’t move to Southlake for the scenic vistas, the temperate climate or the man-made lakes. You moved here for your kids. You gave up proximity to family and friends to give the fruit of your loins the things you never had. Your dedication to family is truly admirable.

The line is as clear as the spirits themselves — either you love liquor, or you hate it. Very few dabble. Liquor enthusiasts are our yoga devotees. Starting off with liquor says, “I am going to be one hundred percent in touch with, and accepting of, my inner demons.” The training comes in handy, as these nights end like every yoga class, lying on the floor, eyes clenched, just trying to breathe. 

This time of year, the nights are shorter and the days longer, so we’ve served up our list of inspired drinks. Together, the determined, the pragmatic and the devoted can tackle the summer solstice with style. Namaste.