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Southlake Style

Five Ones To Watch In 2015

Aug 13, 2014 10:40AM ● By Dia

Joann Kim, Senior Extraordinary Volunteer

Image titleJoann has received many awards for her involvement with Carroll ISD programs and community activities. Her repertoire ranges from turning in more than 100 community service hours every year, to receiving outstanding dedication awards, as well as accolades for her involvement in Southlake. However, the personal experiences and life lessons established from each club is Joann’s favorite achievement.

ABOUT JOANN: Priding herself on being distinctive and original, Joann brings a refreshing flavor to Carroll ISD. With her involvement in various groups and activities, including the Key Club, National Art Society and Summer Bible Training at The True Love Paul Church, she is anything but ordinary.

FAVORITE CLASS: Math. “I love topics that are direct and clear. Last year I came to love math even more, I had a class unofficially called “Life Lessons and Algebra 2.” In this class, our dear teacher often intertwined the math lesson with some kind of moral idea that inspired the students to do better at school. “

Director of the Summer Bible Training Camp says: “I would like to commend Joann Kim in being such an essential member in our program. Joann has been a volunteer at our program for the past four summers, and I can honestly say she is one of the most devoted, responsible, passionate and trustworthy person I have ever met. She was always going above and beyond on every project; it never mattered if the assignment was big or small, formal or informal. When working with others, she proved to be a great leader; she accepted the opinions of others, never criticizing or judging, and found the common ground that was needed. Overall, Joann is a great girl, always striving for nothing less than perfection.”

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