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Southlake Style

The Sweet Science of Dragon Tradition

Oct 02, 2014 01:30PM ● By Mike

Members of Linda Lacava's CREW are always ready to push up team spirit! Photo by Rex Teter

By day, Linda Lacava runs the science department at Southlake Carroll Senior High. But on Friday nights, when the town of Southlake buzzes and swells in anticipation of another Dragons state title run, she turns off the Bunsen burners and trades her lab goggles and aprons for something a bit more green. By the time the whistle blows, she’s in Dragon gear, head-to-toe; her Dragon jewelry sparkling under the lights. 

Outside of the classroom, Linda oversees another winning team: the Varsity mascots, including Charlie, the Super Dragon, and rowdy group of seniors known affectionately as THE CREW. THE CREW cheers along with pushups after each Southlake score, as Charlie and the Super Dragon keeping the fans on their feet throughout the game.

Linda promises more homework if students don’t cheer along, but she never has to follow through. It’s all part of the Southlake Carroll tradition. And it’s one Linda’s forever proud of. 

As a brand for Texas, from Texas, Ozarka is proud to be the official bottled water of Dragon Stadium, and to support the Southlake Carroll Dragons tradition of Friday Night Lights.

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