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Empowered Modern Women - The Lawyer

Oct 03, 2014 10:56AM ● By Dia
 The Lawyer

Go ahead. Call her a tree hugger. “Guilty as charged,” Debra Edmondson will say with a smirk. This later-in-life lawyer has been licensed for 10 years and currently practices at the Edmondson Law Firm, P.C., which focuses on all matters of real estate, corporate, employment and administrative law. She has served on multiple city councils and even ran for mayor once. “When I was on city council, my passion was to preserve as much open space and save as many trees as possible. I’ve always said I’d rather hug a tree than a piece of concrete.”

In 2009 she was able to put her time where her heart was – in nature. Debra was elected as president of the board of directors for Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake. Under her guidance, the Nature Center has flourished. A number of years ago Debra organized the Naturally Sweet fundraiser, which has now become an annual event, benefiting the Nature Center. “At the end of 2009 we had about $30,000 in our bank account,” Debra said. “I’m very excited that this year we are looking at bringing in total revenue just under $300,000, and we are putting it to good use.”

One of these uses is educational programming for all ages. “It is important to ensure that people have an understanding of the natural world, our environment and the important role it plays in the healthy sustainability of our world in general—especially locally in Southlake,” Debra said.

What gets into these women? Mild mannered wives and moms feel empowered to spend their personal time outside of any career they may be focused on to further a cause. Where does this can-do attitude come from? For Debra, she looked to her past.

“My mother always encouraged my sister and I,” Debra said. “She told us that we could do whatever we wanted to do. She was a single mom who supported us and really set a great example for being that fearless woman who goes about getting what she wants and accomplishes what she wants.”

As mentioned earlier, Debra became a lawyer later in life, which would not have been possible without the support of her husband and children. Even then, it takes a special can-do attitude to accomplish goals.

“Women need to have a degree of confidence in that they need to be confident in who they are,” Debra said. “I have a little saying that is not unique to me, ‘A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.’ Be positive about what you want to accomplish and know that there are going to be ups and downs. Just have that goal and reach for it!”

Debra’s formula for success and empowerment is much like the other women’s. “I really try to keep my priorities straight. I put God first in my life and try to start out every morning with prayer and Bible study, independently. I just move forward one step at a time,” she explained. “And I try to make sure I have a good night’s sleep.”

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