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Empowered Modern Women

Oct 03, 2014 11:23AM ● By Dia

Expected to be so many things to so many people, women often find it a challenge to balance the many hats they wear. If so inclined to have a career, she must balance that with her role as a wife and perhaps a mother. And if those two to three tasks aren’t difficult enough, consider the working woman who plays wife, mom and philanthropist. 

Judy Gaman, Debra Edmondson and Julie Thannum make these hats look good. Each in their own field – medicine, law and education – they aspire to give other women the confidence to lead a full and balanced life. They may stop short of calling themselves role models, but we feel completely comfortable giving them that designation.

See our empowering women one by one in the next pages

                    The Healthcare Advocate: Judy Gaman 

                    The Lawyer: Debra Edmondson

                    The Communicator: Julie Thannum 

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