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Oct 13, 2014 09:06AM ● By Dia

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Building a personal connection with a skilled plastic surgeon can make all the difference in looking and feeling your best. At the newly opened Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery in Southlake, Dr. Michael Vennemeyer and his staff know you need to feel understood before you can trust someone to help make the right decisions about your aesthetic procedures. Over the course of his career as an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon, and author, he has helped countless patients achieve the results they have always dreamed about. A seasoned plastic surgeon, Dr. Vennemeyer has brought his passion and expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery to the Southlake community.

Meet Dr. Vennemeyer

An Ohio native, Dr. Vennemeyer graduated summa cum laude from Ohio State University. He then completed medical school, followed by five additional years of plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Ohio State University Medical Center. After seven years of successful practice in the Ohio area he and his wife, Andrea— also a physician— chose to move to Southlake for the excellent quality of life. “We searched across the United States to find the perfect place to call home,” says Dr. Vennemeyer, “We fell in love with the friendly people, strong sense of community and positive vibrant energy that’s not easily found in other parts of the country.”

Dr. Vennemeyer’s excellent reputation and skill are underscored by the fact that his patients include other plastic surgeons, physicians and their families, hospital administrators, attorneys and celebrities. “It’s always rewarding when other surgeons, anesthesiologists or RNs whom I have worked with in the OR request I operate on them or their loved ones.” Due to his high level of expertise, he has also been retained to review cases and provide his opinion as a plastic surgery expert witness in malpractice cases. His vast experience in working to educate patients and make them feel at ease, led him to author the book, “Plastic Surgery Myths Dispelled: A Consumer’s Guide.” Since the book’s publishing in 2011 Dr. Vennemeyer has been featured on FOX and NBC television for his expertise in plastic surgery and to discuss the details of his book, which debunks inaccurate plastic surgery information and sheds light on the information you need to know when considering cosmetic surgery. Dr. Vennemeyer will be addressing specific cosmetic surgery myths in upcoming issues of Southlake Style.

Meet the Staff

   What sets Dr. Vennemeyer’s practice apart is how the personal attention clients receive is taken to a whole new level. A warm, highly skilled staff completely focused on anticipating each patient’s needs adds a palpable luxury feel to the practice. Patient Coordinator Kelly Risser, Patient Concierge Emily Darnell and Practice Manager Nicole Taylor each bring unique expertise to the staff and it is evident their focus is on creating the best experience for each individual patient.

Emily was hand picked because of her incredible warmth and innate ability to make people feel comfortable. Her past experience as a nanny gives her insight into the busy life of moms undergoing plastic surgery, and the connections to arrange childcare after mommy makeovers, if needed. Concern for how their family would be taken care of during recovery is one of the biggest obstacles to mom’s not putting themselves first. Emily focuses on solutions to make their rejuvenation possible.

Dr. Vennemeyer recruited Kelly, in large part, due to her nurturing side and ability to connect with other moms—she is a mother of five and understands the demands they endure daily. “I wanted a busy mom who really gets my patients to be our patient coordinator,” says Dr. Vennemeyer. Patients benefit greatly as Kelly is ideal for the role, which provides a high level of patient support from the first consultation through the entire recovery process.

Experienced Practice Manager Nicole Taylor said, “Dr. Vennemeyer is an incredible plastic surgeon and I am so grateful I found him. I did my research before coming on board and saw his amazing before and after pictures and read the incredible online patient reviews.” Nicole’s background in plastic surgery and natural ability to connect with people makes her an incredible asset to the team.

An Accomplished Plastic Surgeon

 An innovator in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Vennemeyer demonstrates his cutting edge training and experience through procedures that include: mommy makeovers, breast augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and his approach to liposuction — 360 Lipo. Circumferential treatment of the abdominal area, or 360 Lipo, is a method of liposuction that treats the abdomen, waist, hips, and flanks simultaneously to achieve better results. “Treatment of these areas together as a single unit allows for better skin retraction and more dramatic reshaping of the entire core area,” explains Dr. Vennemeyer. “This is an exciting technique and has the potential to improve mommy makeover results significantly.”

Patients find great benefit in Dr. Vennemeyer’s customized and personal approach. He regularly invites breast augmentation clients to “try on” breast implants to best determine the proper size. “We have luxurious fitting rooms with beautiful, oversized full-length mirrors at our office,” he explains, “We invite patients to bring their girlfriends or significant other and favorite outfits to try them on with various sized implants. It makes the process fun and helps women feel confident in their size choice.”

Dr. Vennemeyer’s unparalleled skill and rapport – combined with his warm, patient focused staff – has created an absolutely winning combination for anyone considering plastic surgery in the Southlake area.


500 N. Carroll Ave, Suite 110

Southlake, TX 76092