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Big screen, tasty wings

Oct 17, 2014 08:49AM ● By Dia

Since football is the reason for fall season excitement in Texas, it’s only fitting the sport has a food mascot. Football and wings go hand in saucy hand around here, and you’d better believe the best place for watching the game should include the best place for fowl provisions. Whether you like them spicy, dipped, boneless or fried, there is a wing for you. And for every taste, there is a local eatery ready and willing to toss you the right flavors sure to compliment any and all renditions of your fight song.

Be original

   Duff’s Famous Wings are some of the best Buffalo wings around, and they should be. Duff’s began serving chicken wings in 1969 in Buffalo, New York – where our obsession with the mouthwatering miniatures began. Duff’s arrived in Texas in March 2013, bringing their recipes to the Southlake area. With flavors that range from mild to death, Duff’s wants you to know that “Medium is HOT, Medium Hot is VERY HOT, and Hot is VERY, VERY HOT.” What makes Duff’s a great place to watch the game is that you don’t have to leave the kids at home to fend for themselves. The atmosphere of the restaurant is family friendly, so that everyone can sit down, eat and cheer on the team.

As cluck would have it

With more than 15 locations in the South, Plucker’s came to Grapevine in 2011. An Austin original, Plucker’s opened in 1995 a few years after some college freshmen in dire need of wing delivery set their sights on making it happen. Whether you enjoy boneless or bone in wings, or maybe jumbo bone-in wings, there are 19 sauces to choose from. Enjoy your wings with a kick or a burn. There is Buffalo mild for “beginners” or Fire in the Hole for seasoned wing connoisseurs. With themed evenings during the week, including a “Kids Eat Free” night, there is something for everyone at Plucker’s.

Don’t wing it it

Football party invites flood your inbox this time of year, and there’s the age-old question of, “What do I bring?” Don’t be that couple who brings another bean dip to your friend’s house for the game. Show up with a winner –wings! If you’re thinking about going with the old standby, Buffalo Wild Wings in Grapevine offers take out, and we’ve heard their Caribbean Jerk sauce is a fan favorite. We don’t want to overlook the fact that BWW is a great place to saddle up to a barstool and watch the game, but we wanted to let you know that their food – delivered or otherwise – is perfect for the season.

DUFF’S FAMOUS WINGS                              PLUCKERS

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