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Double Dragon: Hal Wasson Discusses Brother as Coordinator

Oct 24, 2014 09:41AM ● By Kevin
Carroll football's defensive coordinator Tim Wasson was hired in 2009 by head coach, and brother, Hal. Since then, the Dragons have made their way all the way up to a top 25 ranking in the nation on various lists.

According to a recent interview with WFAA, many questions arose when the original decision was made; however, Hal said Tim was brought in not because he was his brother, but because he was the best defensive coordinator out there.

"No one is gonna put more pressure on me and Hal than we will ourselves. When we line up and we want to play we expect to win and we expect our kids to play hard. When you coach kids like this it makes you invest a lot of time because you know how much they put into it," according to the report on WFAA.

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From the Archives

For further read the original text of our 2010 interview with Hal and Tim Wasson:

Brothers in Arms

With a clipboard full of X’s and O’s at the ready, Dragon head coach Hal Wasson and his brother, defensive coordinator Tim Wasson, have become brothers in arms in the fight to prevail atop the 7-5a district football rankings. Hal, winner of last season’s District 6-5a head coach of the Year, enters his fourth season at the helm of the Dragons with a record of 30-7. After 19 years and two state championships with Lewisville’s football program, younger brother Tim starts his second year with the Dragons and his first as his brother’s defensive coordinator.

As the Southlake’s Defense returns only one starter from last season, many look forward to the 2010 season as a coming out party for a flurry of new talent. As they change their base defense from a 4-3 set to a more flexible 3-4 (think 4 LBs) the Wasson brothers look forward to the debut of some new defensive schemes that will highlight their up and coming roster.

Southlake Style got a few moments with the Wasson brothers and asked them about their new look and the 2010 season.

Southlake Style: Dragon coaches have been recruited almost as heavily as our players. Could you tell us about some of the recent departures?

Hal Wasson: Some of our coaches have moved up and I’m proud of them and wish them success. Two of them have gone on to become head coaches. Shannon Wilson (def. coordinator ’09) is now at Bullard and Bill Poe (off. coordinator ’09) is now the head coach and Longview Spring Hill.

SS: How have these positions been filled?

HW: I’m glad to have Clayton George return to Southlake as our offensive coordinator after spending the last 3 seasons as the receivers coach at UNT. Tim [Wasson], steps up from being our safeties coach last you to our new defensive coordinator. He has earned the right to be a coach here.

SS: There has been much talk of the new 3-4 defensive sets, can you give us some insight?

Tim Wasson: There are a lot of defensive schemes, but the bottom line is it’s all about heart, desire and attitude. We’ve got to get to the ball and put pressure on the quarterback.

HW: It [3-4 set] is designed to stop the run. It fits our personnel, it puts more people in the box and allows us to bring in more complicated blitz packages. With more eyes on the ball we can better react better to what we see.

TW: We can run flexible schemes to match our opponents. We may face a power team one week and a spread offense the next week. We can run a three, four or five man front and keep the element of surprise.