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Giddens Gallery of Fine Art Celebrates Two Years in Business

Nov 04, 2014 12:14PM ● By Kevin
The Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine recently celebrated two years in business after debuting at Grapefest in September 2012, and hosting its grand opening gala that October. The gallery was also voted second in Dallas A List's Best Art Gallery 2014 out of 48 of the top fine art galleries in the area.

Artist and gallery owner Cherie Giddens took some time to answer a few questions about the gallery in light of its accomplishments and celebrations.

Southlake Style: Tell us a little about the gallery and its history - when did you open, why is this a passion for you, is there a main attraction about your gallery or draw that people reference?

Cherie Giddens: Giddens Gallery of Fine Art was opened at Grapefest 2012, with the sole purpose of representing a wide variety of art styles and media. Our goal is to bring original fine art to the local community and surrounding Metroplex, acquainting the artists and their work to collectors, fine art lovers and anyone looking for that “one of a kind” piece. The gallery represents 30 artists, some internationally acclaimed as well as artists emerging into the professional arena.

SS: What types of events/specials (if any) do you do for your customers and/or the community?

Giddens: The gallery hosts monthly “Artist Receptions” with complementary food and beverages; often with live music, games and door prizes. The gallery artists are available at these events to meet people and chat about their work.

The gallery is a co-founder of the Grapevine Art Dealers Association in Historic Downtown Grapevine. GADA hosts two “Gallery Nights” a year with art demonstrations, complementary food, beverages and live music.

We host an “Artist of the Month” in the gallery from the elementary art department of Faith Christian School in Grapevine.

Our website offers photos of each artist’s work and opportunity to purchase directly from website as well as postings of events, awards, exhibits and accomplishments of the artists.

The gallery offers art consultations, deliveries within the Metroplex, online purchasing of art work and shipping. Various art organizations choose the gallery to host their events. [The] gallery is a proud member of Grapevine Chamber of Commerce.

SS: You said you feature 30 artists. Tell us about some of the most popular artists. What are some similarities and differences between your featured artists? 

Giddens: We strive to have artists that are unique in their art work presentation, style and subject matter. As each of us are, “One of a Kind” original human beings, so are the artists and their work. We represent several transparent watercolorists, pastel artists, oil painters, acrylic and mixed media artists and sculptures in steel, wood, glass, clay and found object assemblages.

SS: What is your personal favorite aspect of the gallery?

Giddens: We love being able to offer the wide variety of media, style and price options to our clients.

SS: What's the funniest, strangest, most unusual thing people have asked you while you've been in business and serving the community?

Giddens: A question that is asked a lot of the artists is, “How long did it take you to create this piece of work.” Of course, what is generally expected is a number of hours. The truth is that it has taken the artist years to develop the technique to be able to create that particular piece.  So the real answer is years rather than hours to master the talent to create each individual piece.

SS: Are there any recent or upcoming changes that people should know about - resources, funding, upcoming exhibits/features, new construction, new web presence?

Giddens: Giddens Gallery of Fine Art is continuously interview artists and viewing their portfolios. We do this to make sure we have the best talented artists. One would be hard pressed to visit our gallery and not find a work of which they connect with and have a desire to own.

SS: Anything else we should know about you (the owner), the gallery, your team, how people can get involved, etc.?

Giddens: Giddens Gallery strives to cater to the every person that visits our Gallery. Whether it is an art lover, art collector, decorator, one looking for a decorator piece for their home or office, or one that just enjoys viewing Fine Art, all will be delighted when they visit Giddens Gallery of Fine Art. Our gifted and talented artists turn "Images into Legacies," giving the owner of the work a "Keepsakes for Generations to Come."

The gallery is located at 624 S. Main St. in Grapevine and can be reached at 817-488-8600, or online at

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