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Thanksgiving Travel Worth the Trouble?

Nov 25, 2014 01:23PM ● By Amy
It may be early in the week, but we know your sights are set on this Thursday’s menu. After all, a turkey dinner is a tradition many Americans look forward to perhaps even more than the Christmas ham. But there’s more to this holiday than a roasted bird. Many families have to take into consideration traveling this week, and they might even ask themselves: is Thanksgiving travel worth the trouble?

Packing up and going to your cousin’s house for the holiday may be a hassle, according to a recent survey by Wakefield Research for Travelocity. When it comes to choosing the family member Americans would least like to bump elbows with at the table, 24 percent chose the loud mouth as the most annoying guest at the table.

Let’s say you are in the above situation and can’t handle the chaos that ensues when your family gathers for the holidays. You are not alone; 48 percent of Americans have used a tactic to take a break from family during Thanksgiving. At 27 percent, the top excuse is to say you're not feeling well. Hopefully, your great aunt won’t think her green been casserole is to blame.

One thing is for sure though, no matter how disorganized your holiday may be, there’s always a constant—the turkey, right? But if 22 percent of Americans had their way they’d change up the main dish. Maybe opting for a new holiday meal centerpiece would ease the commotion. There’s always apple and pumpkin pie to look forward to, unless you were one of the 23 percent of Americans who would sacrifice dessert if it made Thanksgiving travel easier. 

Let’s face it; Thanksgiving has its good points and less-desirable moments. The important thing is that you’ll be with family—even if you do have to do some traveling this week. 

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