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Southlake Style

Bobcat Caught in Southlake

Dec 03, 2014 11:05AM ● By Mike
video courtesy of Clayton Reed (via Facebook) updated 

Less than a week after the Dragon Football team defeated the Bobcats of San Angelo Central, a real bobcat was caught in Southlake.

Bobcats, because of their solitary, and reclusive nature are rarely seen in urban areas, however according to the DFW Wildlife Coalition, the urban population has been increasing in the DFW Metroplex for many years. Today, a male bobcat was caught in Southlake after repeatedly raiding the chicken coop at the home of Southlake Baptist Church Pastor Clayton Reed.

“He killed 10 of our chickens, so we put out a live trap to get him in my backyard,” says Reed who had the animal safely caged at his home. UPDATE: The bobcat was safely released back into the wild.

People often mistake the bobcat for either a domestic cat or a mountain lion, it actually looks quite distinct. Bobcats are two or three times larger than a typical domestic cat, but smaller than a mountain lion. A bobcat’s coat tends to be a light brownish-blonde, with dark spots on the flanks, legs and sides. Other distinguishing features include tufted, pointed ears with large, black spots on the backsides; a short, bobbed tail (4-6 inches in length); and rear legs which are disproportionately longer than front legs.