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Southlake Tourism Branding to Impact City Residents in Positive Ways

Dec 18, 2014 04:38PM ● By Kevin
The city of Southlake announced the start of a new tourism branding campaign on Nov. 20 at the Southlake Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. The city has developed the campaign over the course of the past four years, involving Cubic, Inc., an advertising agency in Tulsa, to help research and develop a strategy.

Southlake tourism's marketing manager, Jill Lind, took some time to answer some questions for us to share with the community.

Southlake Style: The development of this campaign has been four years in the making. Can you break down the structure of the planning and strategy over the course of these four years? How did this first come about and how did it come to fruition?

Jill Lind: 
This has been a part of a really great journey. This process stems from the Southlake 2030 Economic Development and Tourism Master Plan which was adopted by council in 2011. One of the top recommendations is Goal T3- Development of a Focused Message. That was the launching point for the process. We worked with Cubic Creative to conduct the field work and analysis to create our full destination brand. They began their work in June and we presented to city council in November. Even though our work has really just begun, we are really pleased with the results so far.

SS: What is the reason behind drawing people to Southlake? Are there concerns of increased traffic from the potential tourists on given times of the year?

Lind: Southlake is a destination oasis within the DFW metroplex. The proximity to Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and beyond provide a unique feature that not many other cities have. Combine that with the exquisite shopping, dining and our first class Hilton Hotel ... the environment is poised to be a desired destination. Increased traffic to our retailers and restaurants is a good problem to have as we continue to emerge from the 2009 recession. The increased sales taxes generated from visitors will impact the city residents in only positive ways.

SS: As a part of the branding, what will be identified as the top reasons to visit Southlake?

Lind: Depending on the audience, the branding will speak to our shopping, dining, world class sports facilities, social/corporate event markets, and more. 

SS: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How long you've served in your role and what your responsibilities are? Any additional information you'd like to include would be nice, as well (your interests, hobbies, passion for Southlake, etc).

Lind: I have been marketing the city of Southlake to visitors since February 2009. I came from four years at the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and three years at the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau (both positions in tourism sales). I have a Commercial Recreation and Facilities Management Degree with concentration in Marketing from Central Michigan University. 

I have been a frequent visitor to the city of Southlake since I moved to the DFW area in 2005. I always found Southlake to posses something unseen in other suburbs in the DFW Metroplex ... it's a feeling I always had when shopping or dining here. A sense of perfect. Now that I am married and have two boys I see Southlake through a different scope, one of a mother and wife ... I like to bring my kids here to the wonderful events we put on, or to see the fountains in the park. It's a lovely place to be.

SS: Community Impact Newspaper did a nice article on the branding campaign and highlighted Cubic's role in the operation. Can you quickly overview the selection process and what they've done?

Lind: What we liked about Cubic (aside from the creativity) was their desire to be partners in this process. They want Southlake to succeed as much as we do. They have taken that partnership mentality with them on all of their clients projects, Vail Valley Colorado, McCurtain County Tourism Authority, etc. They have a very unique way of understanding their clients and audience and speaking from their viewpoints.

SS: What is the game plan now that the branding campaign has been announced? What are the goals for the next few years? How will you execute?

Lind: We will be working on implementing the brand in our various mediums (ads, website, collateral, etc). I think people will be excited with what we deliver over the next several months as we implement the Southlake 2030 Master Plan and how it comes to life.

SS: Can you go into more detail about the new municipal website?

Lind: The new tourism website will revitalize our experience. We will be working with Civic Plus to help up realize the vision as well as Cubic to make sure this visitor website provides the best experience possible. More information on that to come. We are in the initial phase of realizing the vision that this brand promises to deliver.