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Southlake Style

A Sandwich for Everyone

Jan 02, 2015 04:29PM ● By Dia

Filled from wall to counter with simple wooden chairs and diner tables, there’s not much room to mingle or meander at Weinberger’s Deli. But that’s exactly the intention. Patterned after a traditional Chicago eatery, Weinberger’s is designed for quick service with just enough space for patrons to sit down and enjoy the special sandwiches.

Located in historic downtown Grapevine, Weinberger’s seems, at first glance, to be just like any other deli. You might be looking for some character, and quite literally, you’ll find it. There are caricatures of the people for which the sandwiches are named on the walls throughout the deli.  

 A variety of meat, cheese, veggie and bread combinations pay homage to well-known and local celebrities. Are you in the mood for hot pastrami? Try Joe King’s Pastrami (hot pastrami, coleslaw, red onion, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese served on a toasted, seeded bun) – a favorite inspired by Southlake’s current citizen of the year. Would you rather have meatloaf? Try Don and Wanda’s Meatloaf (hot meatloaf, melted American cheese, grilled onions and ketchup served on Texas toast). The sandwich creations earn their names from being a “famous” regular’s usual order, or what owner Dan Weinberger deemed as an appropriate homage to that person.

Dan Weinberger opened his Grapevine deli in 2002 serving up hundreds of sandwich styles he either tweaked or created himself. In building his own deli, he relied on memories from his youth spent traveling around the Windy City with his father who owned five delis and sold meat. Dan describes Chicago as a melting pot, and attributes his wealth of flavor knowledge to the many restaurants he would enjoy with his father. Those experiences, coupled with the culinary arts training he received down the line, brought about this delicious delicatessen.

The portions are generous, served up fresh and made to order with potato chips and usually a pickle spear, in a red basket. Although Weinberger’s Deli is a self-serve restaurant, you don’t feel rushed when ordering or dining. It’s a place to take a load off and enjoy your meal. Our party was small, and we only sampled two of more than 80 menu choices available. 

Thoughts on the California Club: With a generous helping of turkey, bacon and cheddar cheese, you’d think there wouldn’t be any more room between the toasted multigrain ciabatta roll halves. But Weinberger’s manages to squeeze in spring mix, tomatoes, red onions and avocado—all topped with a honey Sriracha mustard. Although the sandwich was hearty, it was not heavy, and the multigrain bread was unique for a club. It was thick with a crunchy crust, but the inside was pleasantly doughy.

Thoughts on the Italian Roast Beef (hot, wet and cheesy): According to Weinberger’s, if you don’t know what that means—you shouldn’t be ordering it. So it’s a good thing the individual in our party who placed this order wasn’t a first timer. Served on a 12" wheat hoagie, the roast beef—hot, wet and cheesy—comes topped with giardiniera (pickled peppers and veggies), is dipped in au jus and served with cheese.

If these don’t sound like they’d cut it—meaning your appetite is a bit bigger—try the one of their 

 super-sized sandwiches. Served on toasted jalapeno-cheddar bread, the Oscar is made with heated mortadella, Genoa salami, pepperoni and capicola meats. Add provolone, avocado, giardiniera, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, Italian dressing and seasoning, and you’ve got an award-winning sandwich—that is if they gave local sandwich awards.

Weinberger’s Deli isn’t just about sandwiches though: They offer salads, gyros, vegetarian fare and hotdogs. The Chicago Dog comes topped with your standard yellow mustard, onions and relish as well as tomato wedges, a couple of sport peppers, celery salt and a pickle, all served on a poppy seed bun.

Forget those all too common New Year’s resolutions. You don’t always have to eat your vegetables—unless they come on a Queen of Hearts (a sandwich of artichoke hearts, crushed red and black peppers, sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, spring mix and banana peppers). You may come for the funny names, but you’ll stay for the great tastes.



Weinberger’s Deli

601 S. Main St., Ste. 100, Grapevine


Other locations

3 Village Cir., Ste. 116, Westlake


311 E. Hickory St., Denton