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Jan 08, 2015 03:10PM ● By Dia

Sjöberg’s Elite Professional—your garage’s newest accessory

If a man’s castle is his garage, then the workbench must be his throne. A good workbench must work hard, and look good doing it—and Sj.berg’s Elite Professional series delivers with strength, flexibility and undeniable Nordic beauty. 

Designed for the most serious of weekend woodworkers, the Swedish-built Elite Professional is fully customizable and can accommodate even the most unwieldy of projects. Available in three sizes, the 1500 (59"), the 2000 (76") and the 2500 (99", pictured here), the bench offers as much, or as little, working space as you need. Several storage options, including the drawer and cabinet duo shown here, are available.

And don’t fret, southpaws, the adjustable clamps can be easily repositioned to accommodate both the right- and left-handed. But let’s get down to some of the even better details Ultra-long 24-inch vises expand to hold up to 5" of material. The 2500 sports 40 dog holes, 1" in size, that run perpendicular to the clamps. The bench comes with four unbreakable steel bench dogs coated in rubber to protect materials and tools. And don’t miss out on the handy accessories, like a quick-release holdfast that can be inserted into any dog hole and used to clamp projects in place. 

To the point, the Elite Professional adapts to your needs—no matter how large or complex they might be. And that gives us plenty of reason to love the Elite Professional, but it’s the care, quality and craftsmanship that goes into the bench that makes it a must-have item for any serious garage junkie.

The bench’s carefully selected European beechwood is handled with precision and care through all stages of the production process. After the wood is dried, it moves into a climate-controlled production facility with carefully maintained humidity levels. As the wood is fashioned into more than 100 parts, many of them made by hand, the controlled humidity ensures a perfect, precise fit. The wood is also treated with a special oil that will ensure it ages with grace. Accessories are locally produced in Sweden, and the steel parts are hand-made by a local blacksmith. It all comes together to form a bench that is strong enough to hold 900 pounds of material—nearly half a ton— without bending or buckling. Chances are it can handle all of your most serious weekend projects with ease.