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Healthy Destinations

Jan 08, 2015 03:22PM ● By Dia

When it comes to perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution—getting healthy—many bite off more than they can, or should, chew. A jumpstart on health-kick resolutions can make all the difference in the world, when it comes to providing motivation to stick with it. Why not try a stay at a destination spa?. Healthy menus, fitness activities, and a chance to change habits that might block you from realizing your resolutions are all part of the package. Although these facilities offer the same pampering amenities found at most spa retreats, the goal of a wellness destination is to provide much more than exfoliation and seaweed wraps—healing and health are top priority.   

Hops and healing

Don’t let cooler temperatures keep you from enjoying a destination spa getaway in Pennsylvania. Located in the Poconos Mountains, the Lodge at Woodloch is a retreat for the senses, focused on the mind and body connection. Whether learning or relaxing, participation in any activity promises loads of health benefits.

Weekend workshops at the Lodge allow guests to learn the ins and outs of using herbs to achieve holistic healing. Master herbalists will introduce expert approaches to sustaining energy and promoting longevity. In addition, guests will be instructed on which treatments are most beneficial during the season.

At Woodloch, you can also discover the healing properties of beer with their signature Royal Revival treatment. Inspired by Dogfish Head's Midas Touch, the treatment begins with a smoothing body exfoliation using hops, barley and honey followed by a tranquil soak in a beer bath. A massage using oils infused with papaya and melon completes the experience.

With only 57 guest suites at The Lodge at Woodloch, the destination experience is completed by a quiet atmosphere in which to meditate and relax.

Go deeper with fitness and fun

 Located in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson helps guests to achieve their health and wellness goals through a variety of activities. The Santa Catalina Mountains serve as a majestic backdrop for the resort, which sits on more than 150 acres.

Exercise physiologists are at the center of the Canyon Ranch mission to help guests reach their fitness goals. They will create a personal plan for you, whether you are aiming for weight loss, stress-relief or relaxation. A few fitness activities to choose from include hiking, biking, swimming, yoga and golf.

Forget your typical hike down a quiet, relaxing trail—take a hike at night with provided night-vision goggles, exploring the Sabino Canyon. Or if you are more of a morning person, take a walk at daybreak, then sketch or paint what you have seen at the local DeGrazia Gallery. If you’d rather be in the water, Canyon Ranch has plenty of pools. And don’t miss out on the facility’s high ropes adventures, including a challenge course.

Accommodations are clustered together throughout the resort, with three types for you to choose from: deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and luxury suites. And for that home-away-from-home feel, there is a fourth option: the Casa Grande, a freestanding house that can accommodate up to six guests.

Mind, body and spirit

 Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, located in Vista, California, tailor’s the guest experience to each visitor’s needs and wants. The health and wellness specialists on staff create a custom itinerary for individuals upon check in. Although each visitor may have a different outcome in mind, they have all come for one thing: rejuvenation.

The spa focuses on connecting mind, body and spirit. With mild temperatures year round, the location is the perfect setting for a variety of fitness and meditation activities. Cal-a-Vie offers more than 20 mind-body-spirit classes, including a wide variety of yoga lessons. No matter what level yogi you are—from beginner to advanced—there is a place for you. Aqua, Chakra and Vinyasa flow are just three types of yoga instruction they offer.

If guests wish to focus on fitness of the body in addition to the mind, the expert staff at Cal-a-Vie will tailor regimes from the over 130 fitness classes offered on site. They concentrate on strength, balance, flexibility and cardio. If golf or tennis is an important part of a guest’s relaxation routine, the health staff can create custom packages around these affinities, also.

A Cal-a-Vie experience is not complete without an actual “spa experience.” From teeth whitening and Thai massage to wraps and facials, there are a variety of treatments designed to accommodate every guests’ wants and needs.

Not to be a forgotten element of one’s health, nutrition is a key focus at Cal-a-Vie. Executive Chef Curtis Cooke uses fresh, regional produce along with unprocessed whole grains and lean proteins to create meals described as mouthwatering. It’s all about variety when it comes to eating healthy—you don’t want to get burnt out on the same meals you eat over and over again. Chef Cooke and the culinary team at Cal-a-Vie stick to the philosophy that guests should experience a diverse array of healthy cuisine that is professionally prepared and served.