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Southlake Style

Global hair care company has Southlake roots

Jan 21, 2015 08:16AM ● By Amy
Southlake resident Kelly Foreman saw a need for hair care products dedicated to providing natural solutions for curly hair to invigorate confidence and beauty. In 2002 turned her aspirations into a reality and founded MopTop, Inc., a global company of award-winning hair care products manufactured in Texas. 

The company has recently introduced a product for every hair type: new MopTop Clarifying Rescue Treatment. This product is designed to reboot hair and return it to a strong, natural state by removing silicone, waxes and everyday pollutants.

Clarifying Rescue Treatment is recommended for use once a month to nourish the scalp down to the ends for stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair. Once the hair is "reset," it can better absorb conditioners and moisturizing agents in other products, for example the aloe, sea botanicals and honey that are in the MopTop conditioners and stylers.

“At MopTop, we want to educate everyone on the benefits of resetting your hair to enhance its ability to absorb moisture,” says Foreman. “Next to one's face, hair is the second thing that is perceived about someone before stature or clothes, so it's an important factor in building confidence and self-esteem.”

MopTop, Inc., an award-winning hair care line best known for nourishing shampoos, conditioners and styling products for curly hair. “We started MopTop to change the world – one frizzy head at a time,” she says. MopTop’s products have been featured in InStyle, Cosmo Girl, Modern Salon, and more.