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Feedstore Renovations Complete

Jan 28, 2015 01:05PM ● By Dia

There was a reason for the social media hype surrounding the grand reopening of Feedstore BBQ in Southlake last year after a two-month renovation. Newly remodeled to provide more space for cooks and customers, Feedstore has always been the place for anything and everything barbequed around these parts. And whether enjoying fried pickles, BBQ ribs or chopped beef, you’re sure to experience Feedstore’s outstanding food and service.

 On our recent visit to the newly renovated restaurant, we enjoyed not just the enlarged space for customers inside, but also an expanded parking lot and an added patio. We entered the cafeteria-style line and ordered meat by the plate, which is also available on a sandwich or by the pound. We then chose our sides—favorites include mac and cheese and green beans. Condiments such as pickles, onions, peppers and sauces are complimentary, which allows you to get as little or as much as you want. (I choose two servings of the mild BBQ sauce.) As you make your way down the line, don’t forget the hot dinner rolls.

After hearing about the restaurant’s humble beginnings—and tasting its food—we could easily see how Feedstore BBQ rose to fame. The story of Feedstore BBQ began when restaurant owner and operator William Lafavers bought the Southlake Feedstore in 1997— an actual feed store at the time—with plans for a restaurant. The feed store had served the needs of the once rural community, but as homes were built and communities began to grow, a new population needed tasty grub—people. And Lafavers began serving food at Feedstore BBQ in 2001.

Instantly a hit with the locals, and soon to be considered a culinary experience worth traveling for, 

  the BBQ emerging from of the kitchen at Feedstore was often described by customers as “perfect.” Those were pretty tall boots to continue to fill year after year, but Bill Lafavers managed to do so for the next 13 years. At which point, he realized he was going to need more space to accommodate his still growing customer base.

Last year was a year of growth for Lafavers—both in Southlake and in surrounding communities. Plans for expansion and an addition to the Southlake location were approved by the city at the beginning of the year and completed in December. Also big news for 2014, Bill Lafavers’ son Matt headed to Keller to open up a new Feedstore BBQ location in September, while Bill’s other son Mike stayed in Southlake

to manage the Feedstore location here.