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New Keller theater aims to make the movies better

Feb 02, 2015 01:14PM ● By Amy

Sponsored by Keller Moviehouse & Eatery.

Not too long ago, VCRs were still sold at RadioShack, movies were rented from Blockbuster, and the only thing to eat at a movie theater was popcorn and candy. Today, your favorite shows are streaming on Netflix, internet moves at the speed of light, and a musical birthday card has more processing power than Apollo 11. 

With all this technology at your fingertips, one might ask why anybody would want to go see a movie in a traditional theater.

In 2012, the Moviehouse & Eatery opened their first dine-in theater in Austin, TX and it was anything but traditional. The idea was to create an experience that couldn’t be replicated in your living room, or by any other theater. Reserved, plush recliners beat the average couch every time, and online ticketing eliminates waiting in line at the box office. And no 50-inch flatscreen could compare to curved wall-to-wall screens and 7.1 digitally compressed surround sound.

You can press a button and order off a chef-prepared menu with full bar service while propping your feet up to watch the newest releases. The luxury experience extends all the way to concessions with a selection of gourmet candies and old-fashioned floats. And when the credits roll, a full bar and lounge await guests looking for a place to discuss plot-holes and special effects. 

With a brand new theater in Keller, and two more on the way in the DFW area, Moviehouse is constantly looking for ways to make the movies better. Your Moviehouse experience starts at Take a Google Tour of your theater here.