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Madison Drescher: Carroll's Double Dragon!

Feb 20, 2015 11:06AM ● By Mike

The cold of winter brings the heat of 7-6A competition indoors. It is on the hardwoods, the mats and in the pools where Carroll Dragons exhibit their special breed of talent and dedication. Recognized as the District’s Offensive Player of the year and as an All-State volleyball selection, Madison Drescher knows winter is no time to rest. This sporty senior is also a captain on the District Champion girl’s basketball team. In highlighting this winter’s teams we enjoyed a few moments with Carroll’s Queen of the Courts.

Dragon Pride: What has been your favorite Dragon Volleyball moment?

Madison Drescher: My favorite moment was when we beat Colleyville Heritage my junior year at the regional tournament. We lost to them the previous year and by winning that game we went to state!

DP: How do you compare and contrast playing volleyball to basketball?

MD: Volleyball and basketball are definitely two different sports. For volleyball you have to be able to jump high, have quick spurts, be intelligent with your swimming and know how to score. In basketball you must have a lot of endurance and be physical the entire 32 minutes. But, in both sports you have to know how to score.

DP: How do you handle the rigors of school while playing two varsity sports?

MD: For the most part I try to get all of my schoolwork done at school because most of my afternoons and nights are reserved for athletics. I have become used to spending what little free time I have wisely. It's more of a lifestyle now and when I do get a whole night off, I don't know what to do with myself (laughing).

DP: To whom do you owe your on court successes?

MD: I owe my success to all the coaches and players who have shaped me both mentally and physically, but most importantly to my parents and family who have always given me everything I need to succeed. They have never let me settle for anything less than amazing.

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