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Southlake Style

Opera for the Everyman

Mar 03, 2015 07:49PM ● By Dia

Quick, what do you think when you hear the word opera? Perhaps you think, “Well, it’s in a different language, so I won’t understand it.” Or, “It’s for a generation much older than my own.” Maybe you think it’s stuffy, too highbrow for your taste or just plain boring. However, the talented Studio Artists of Fort Worth Opera understand your concerns, and they’re ready to dispel the myths through an engaging, interactive performance. Leave your preconceptions behind—Opera
Mythbusters lives up to its name by showcasing the genre in a whole new way.
The oldest continually performing opera company in a Texas, the Fort Worth Opera has gained national recognition for its willingness to take risks. They’re flipping opera on its head on March 17 at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake to prove that opera is familiar, accessible and most of all, enjoyable. Mixing opera with well-known songs from Broadway musicals and current pop hits, they’re able to capture the attention of audience
members who may never have given opera a chance. Attendees will have the chance to offer suggestions for improvisation, as well as learn about voice types, ensemble sizes and how to understand pieces in a foreign language. By the finale, you’ll be singing along
with a famous Italian opera chorus and wondering why you’ve
waited so long.