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Maximizing your Body in Minimum Time for Moms

Mar 24, 2015 01:10PM ● By Amy
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What do you do when swimsuit season is around the corner and you’re not feeling confident in a bikini? Pregnancy and breastfeeding take their toll and the results may leave you feeling depressed about your body. A mommy makeover is designed to improve the whole shebang in one procedure with the goal of helping you love your body. “You should feel good about taking steps to improve your body—I believe that more confidence leads to more happiness and quality of life,” states Dr. Vennemeyer. Mommy makeover procedures are exploding in popularity because they are tailored to your specific needs and address your breasts and core area with less overall down time plus the added benefit of cost savings. 

Breast Enhancements
Do you want larger breasts, smaller breasts or the same size but perkier? Procedures can be designed to create a combination of size change and improved perkiness. You may feel your breasts need to be perkier if your nipples seem too low or your breasts overhang your breast creases. Many women are simply looking to replace volume because they feel their breasts “deflated” after having children. Breast implants can be used to create enhanced fullness in your breasts for a very natural look or a more augmented look, depending on your preference. Silicone implants are incredibly soft and give very natural-appearing results. The “gummy bear” shaped gel implants can give such a natural-looking result that it can be difficult to tell when someone has had a breast augmentation even without clothes on.

Body Enhancements
Are you looking for a flatter tummy and slimmer waistline? Abdomen and core procedures can tighten tummy skin, remove unwanted fat and flatten bulges. The best improvement comes from treating the waist circumferentially. Dr. Vennemeyer recommends 360 Lipo to treat the abdomen and core in its’ entirety for maximum improvement. If extra skin is a problem for you, mini tummy tucks and tummy tucks may be the best solution. Liposuction is often combined with these tightening procedures to get patients the best result possible.

Efficient Recovery and Cost Savings
Moms do not have time for multiple recoveries. The beauty of mommy makeovers for healthy moms is that the breast and body procedures can be combined into one procedure with one recovery. This means much less down time when compared to two procedures. One trip to the OR also means cost savings because combined procedures often result in discounted surgeon fees and less overall cost for the facility and anesthesia charges. A procedure that boasts more improvement in less time for less money may be the perfect combination for busy moms wanting to look their best.

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