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Southlake Style

GoogleMaps: Play Pac-Man in Southlake

Apr 01, 2015 01:50PM ● By Mike

A GoogleMap of Southlake Town Square turned into a Game of Pac-Man! Try it for yourself! Courtesy of Google

 Pac-Man hits the lane on Main Street, crosses past Southlake City HallI and narrowly avoids a blue ghost at Starbucks.  It's April’s Fools Day and Google has given gamers of all ages a special treat and it better not be a practical joke! You can play Pac-Man on any Google map.  We're not kidding. Of course we chose the map of downtown Southlake Town Square.  

It has us daydreaming, if only we could clear an open parking space that close to City Hall!

Here's the direct link so you too can play in Southlake Town Square! Enjoy!