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Q&A with Kathi Fleck, UDCP

Apr 03, 2015 09:20PM ● By Dia

 That she has a knack for design doesn’t come close to describing Kathi Fleck. Kathi has designed and overseen more than 350 large remodeling projects, and has recently authored a new book. We sat down to dish on trends, universal design and aging in place.

In her new book, Renovate, Remodel…Relax! Take Your Home Improvement from How to Wow, co-founder of DFW-based design-build firm LoneStar Property Solutions Kathi Fleck offers a game-changing framework for home renovation.

Reality shows make home remodeling look so easy. Is it really that easy?

Are there small steps you can take to remodel your home without the hassle of hiring contractors? Yes, in fact there’s a chapter in my book dedicated to this question, “Small changes — big results.” It’s not a how to, but rather a what to do. It talks about discovering the charm within your home by uncovering your home’s best features, and it talks about how small changes can create big results!

How do you redesign your home on a budget?

Prioritize your ideas and plans—there are so many variations in product choices and price points for every conceivable part of the remodel that most professionals can produce a plan within just about any realistic budget. In fact, when a client gives me their budget range in the first meeting, I can give them fixed prices and work within that budget—with no surprises later on— assuming there are no hidden issues, such as faulty wiring in the walls, water damage hidden behind walls, etc.

What are the top three trends you’re seeing in home design right now?

Grey as the new neutral color. Many are moving away from warm brown and taupe tones, creating a cooler, more contemporary palette with grey and white.

Clean lines in cabinets, plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware and flooring. The Old World, Tuscan look with ornate lighting fixtures, heavy metal and decorative design is moving out of the picture. Most homeowners want the less-ismore look and request an aesthetic with timeless appeal for their homes. In working with Baby Boomers who desire to age in place, I’ve learned that they want this to be their last remodel, and they plan to spend their time enjoying life with little time spent on home upkeep. We choose a simple style for the door design, more drawers and pull-outs in cabinets, elongated cabinet hardware for easy use and so on.

Easy care in flooring, especially with the new wood-look floor tile. This is very easy to care for, child- and pet-friendly, low maintenance and very stylish with many varied looks, from rustic to smooth.

What does aging in place mean?

Aging in place refers to universal design, which involves creating an environment that is accessible to older people, people without disabilities and people with disabilities. It enables anyone to live in a home independently, safely and comfortably.

Whether due to age or other health factors, people often find it increasingly difficult to move around in their homes as they grow older. It’s harder to get in the bathtub, cabinet doors aren’t as easy to reach as they once were, or the lighting in the home isn’t as adequate as it once seemed. Despite this, you may not want to move out of the home you’ve lived in for years—the home you know and love.

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