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April’s Rain Gauges Overfloweth

Apr 27, 2015 11:01AM ● By Amy
If you’ve considered using your boat for day-to-day transportation over the last month, you are not alone! Consider the fact that we have almost doubled our monthly average for rainfall typical for the month of April, and it’s no wonder we feel the need to float. 

According to the online Farmer's Almanac, historical precipitation for the month of April sits at around 3.16 inches. This April—which isn’t even over yet, and there could be more to come today—we have reached 6.4 inches. 

While this may be good news for the drought conditions in Texas, you may be left wondering what lies ahead for May? If your hopes are set on the old adage, “April showers bring may flowers” you may want to skip over the next sentence. Historically, May sees more rain than the month of April or June! 

With that being said, hopefully your pansies and petunias won’t need life preservers! 

Are you ready for the sunny skies of summer months? Leave us a comment.