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Southlake Style

Chicago-Inspired Food at Luscher’s Red Hots

Jun 04, 2015 11:49AM ● By Dia

Welcome to the June edition of the Foodie Fellow, which happens to be my final post to this column for Southlake Style. As I was crafting this article (hindered by a crashed hard drive) my heart was very thankful for the opportunity given to me by Mike and Nicole Tesoriero to bring to life some unique dining experiences across the DFW Metroplex as I pursued my passion to find these culinary adventures and share them with you. I hope you have enjoyed learning about the amazing creativity that can be found in restaurants in our area and that you have had fun finding some new places to dine. Thank you for taking the time to read my humble posts here at Southlake Style for the past 18 months.

With that, let’s dive into our dining adventure at Luscher’s Red Hots in the Deep Ellum district of 

 Dallas. Brian Luscher is the owner and executivechef at Dallas institution, The Grape, on lower Greenville Avenue. If you haven’t had the opportunity to have brunch at The Grape, go this weekend! One of Brian’s other passions has been producing high-quality sausages and hot dogs through his Luscher’s Post Oak brand, and now he has a location to showcase not only these products but also his Midwestern roots as a native Chicagoan.

The restaurant’s interior features a very minimalist décor that follows the look and feel of many establishments in Deep Ellum—very industrial. Although as a diner, you do not get the sense of a cold or unapproachable atmosphere. A member of their team will walk you through the simple menu when you approach the counter, giving you the choice between a sandwich and sausage. Your then add some sides and a beverage to wash down your tasty meal. The signature sandwich is Luscher’s take on a Midwestern favorite, an “Eye-Talian” Beef featuring Wagyu beef on a locally sourced French roll. The signature sausage choice? The Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hot with Brian’s own pork & beef smoked frank and toppings that are similar to a traditional Chicago dog. There are a few other choices if you want a salad (why would you?) or Northerner Chili that does feature beans.

We chose the Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hot and the Corn Chip Chili Dog each with a side of the hand-cut fries and napa slaw. Both featured sausages with a nice snap to the skin. It was all very fresh and served at the perfect temperature. We dined outside on the patio at some very rustic picnic style tables and watched the traffic drive by on Commerce Street. You can finish off by selecting from a variety of Pop Star brand popsicles, LH Creamery Bars and a few other sweets.

Don’t miss out on this homage to Chicago and the Midwest. Summertime is a great time for a dog, fries and a cold drink!