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Southlake Leads Luxury Condominium Trend in Texas

Jun 22, 2015 04:05PM ● By Kevin
Like some of America’s other most desirable urban centers, Southlake Town Square is changing. Homebuyers are increasingly choosing to live closer to the hearts of their communities.

“When we started building Southlake Town Square over 20 years ago, most residential homebuyers had different priorities”, reports Frank Bliss, President of Cooper & Stebbins.

“At that time suburban, luxury meant building ever larger homes on the fringes of the community.  Now we are increasingly seeing buyers who place more value upon convenient lifestyles and living within walkable communities with easy access to services and restaurants.”

While many people think of urban centers in New York or Boston as the places where downtown luxury homes come with an array of amenities, Bliss sees strong demand for a comparable level of quality and service in Southlake Town Square.

To meet this demand, Cooper and Stebbins have partnered with the Marquis Group to build The Parkview Residences within Southlake’s new Garden District. The Parkview Residences will be a boutique luxury condominium with just 36 residences available. The quality of construction is a top priority, with concrete construction throughout built with the latest exacting standards.

Bliss reports that he sought out a partner with expertise in creating luxury condominiums and exceptional places to live for Town Square homebuyers. 

“The Marquis Group has produced an iconic building at the Montgomery Plaza Residences in Fort Worth.  It was as much about building a community as providing a luxury building.”

The Montgomery Plaza residences led a transition in Fort Worth to walkable luxury living in Fort Worth’s 7th Street neighborhood. The project has enjoyed an unprecedented success in Fort Worth.

As a principal of The Marquis Group, Wally Maya was eager to get involved in the Southlake Garden District because of what he sees as Southlake’s unique character.

“From the shops and other venues within walking distance to the loyal base of homeowners who live nearby, we see all the elements of a successful neighborhood in the Southlake Town Square Garden District. In our experience, homebuyers are increasingly looking for this simplicity and a sense of community which is increasingly hard to find.  We have also noticed that too many upscale buyers are forced to choose between size and quality.  The Parkview Residences reflect the best ideas and that “rightsizing” does not need to be a compromise, and can reflect the utmost in an upscale lifestyle.”

“If you are able to offer a high quality condominium in the heart of a truly desirable community, most luxury homebuyers will decide they don’t really need an eight or nine thousand square foot home”.

As the principal in charge for David M. Schwarz Architects, the project’s Design Architect, Michael Swartz describes the Parkview Residences as a unique opportunity.

"The thirty-six new residences comprising The Parkview in many ways represent the culmination of a vision we've had for Town Square since we first drew the master plan nearly 20 years ago - that of creating a downtown for Southlake that embraces all the elements of a neighborhood.  Marquis Group has been a great client in their understanding of the elements critical to creating in-town residences that provide functionality, a high-level of amenity and intelligent sense of luxury. They challenged us to create a building that was forward-thinking in its planning and timeless in its expression." 

For Bliss, the Parkview Residences are an important chapter in a vision 20 years in the making. ”Successful urban communities worldwide offer places for professionals to shop, eat, be entertained, work, socialize and live. The best downtowns in the world have people living in them”.

“Many people are waiting for the opportunity to own a luxury condominium in Southlake. The Parkview Residences will be well worth the wait”.

The Parkview Residences will be the latest addition to the Southlake Garden District, which includes the Brownstone Residences and a number of pedestrian friendly amenities in the heart of Southlake Town Square.

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Information provided by Loreli Alviz of PowerPlay Destination Properties Inc.

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