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Jul 01, 2015 10:08AM ● By Dia

K500HT Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill

Versatility. Hybrid. Firepower. It’s almost like this article belongs in our Zero to 60 department. With a base price of $12,795, you still might be stuck in car and driver land. However, with barbecue season well underway, these words – and price tag – are brought to you by the K500HT  Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill by Kalamazoo.

First off, the versatility of this hybrid grill allows for a clear-cut choice. Gas lovers and lighter-fluid supporters can finally unite. The Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill allows for both. It can cook with any combination of charcoal, wood and gas.

Those who favor charcoal and wood will tell you that it makes the grilled meat end up much more flavorful than grilling with gas. Well, charcoal and woodchip aficionados can rejoice. The K500HT has a hybrid grilling drawer located below the cooking surfaces and above the grill’s burners. The drawer can be loaded with splits or chunks of wood, or any kind of charcoal, and its perforations allow for easy disposal of ash. This method of grilling can achieve temperatures between 150 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up  to 1,200 degrees. Now that’s firepower.

On the other hand, for those who want a quick ignition, simply remove the grilling drawer, and the K500HT’s two cast brass primary burners allow for a whopping total of 55,000 BTUs with natural gas or 48,500 BTUs with liquid propane.

Now for a treat our Southlake readers will appreciate. The burners are called Dragon Burners. They can start the cooking fire and be left on for a boost of heat as the charcoal or wood burns down. These H-shaped burners sit far enough below the grill grates that they are able to deliver a more even heat, cooking at a low 250 degrees Fahrenheit or a searing 750 degrees.