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The Faces of Fitness

Jul 09, 2015 09:13AM ● By Dia

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At Impact Performance & Fitness we have a multitude of experienced trainers to help you achieve your next level of fitness. As trainers, we all share some similarities in our training however, fitness has a variety of looks and may look very different as different goals and dreams require different types of fitness. This article is about three of our fitness professional; while each maintains a high level of athleticism in their individual field their overall plan to achieve fitness varies. Dan is a body builder. Harold is an endurance athlete that specializes in long course triathlon. Thomas is a master of karate and kick boxing.

Dan Sprinkle, a professional fitness trainer that trains a diverse population of clients with a specialty in coaching body building, fitness, and physique contestants.  His philosophy on what a perfect fitness program would entail is really not a philosophy but is based more off what science has shown to be true. As a trainer, for various clients from professional athletes to folks with disabilities he has come to realize there is no such thing as one size fits all program design.  When you understand physics and biomechanics as to a related exercise he came to understand how important it is to watch a client move and make decisions based more off the uniqueness of the individual. He also has to have a thorough understanding of the exercise he wants to prescribe so that it is individually based off of what he observes.  There are different assessment tools he uses to determine strengths and weaknesses of that individual and from those tools he will start to form a plan to achieve the goals of the individual as long as there realistically aligned with rational goals. It is very important to set up realistic goals and realistic expectations, making changes is a process that requires a step by step plan to achieve the goals healthily and safely.  He believes that the micro progressions from a phrase he learned from becoming a Resistance Training Specialist is paramount.  In his own words:  One thing I know for sure is strength training is the single most important piece to a good fitness program.  It is different for everyone but needed in everyone!

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