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Celebrate Belgium Independence Day With a Local Beer Tasting

Jul 14, 2015 04:36PM ● By Kevin

The Ginger Man will host its annual Belgian Beer Tasting Saturday, July 18, at 3 p.m. in celebration of Belgium Independence Day. The annual event consists of an 8-beer pairing with food in the form of small plates, and even includes tasty dessert and Belgian Chocolates. 

"To honor the monumental contributions the Belgians have brought to the beer world, we commemorate Belgium Independence Day with a unique tasting!" the restaurant's website says.

As guests taste the 4-ounce pairings, there will be games, trivia questions and riddles where tasters can win prizes and even win tickets to the next tasting in December. After the tasting, stick around and enjoy live music by Jayden Frost starting at 7. This is one of three tastings done annually. The previous tasting was in February (see above photo gallery for a preview of what's to come). The February tasting included beer and chocolate. The December tasting is holiday-themed.

Tickets are $40 and gratuity is included.

"Join us to hear expert speakers share a journey back through the history and origin of beer, while sampling an array of different Belgium brewing styles and tastes," the website concludes. "Experience why these beers have earned their place as undying legacies."