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Southlake Style

A Study of the Classics

Jul 30, 2015 03:39PM ● By Dia

Gone are the days of Trapper Keepers and Jansport backpacks. The items you looked forward to buying as a teenager for back to school have no place in today’s shopping carts. Instead, your kids are looking for back to school clothes and accessories fit for the catwalk. How many of you seem to learn more from your kids about fashion than you do from your peers? To say this generation is fashion savvy is an understatement.

Although focused on academics, your teenager still has a desire to look good. So don’t be surprised when your son’s eyes lock in on the Korbin check print bag from Burberry. You may never know why the bag caught his attention in the first place, but what you will notice is his limited vocabulary about it. He thinks it’s cool. He likes the color. His books will fit. And then you will leave Nordstrom with a new school bag.

The Korbin check print bag features the classic Burberry pattern that made the brand famous. But he’ll like the fact that it’s navy and manly. It is accented with a woven-jute, dark leather trim. But he’ll feel like it’s sturdy enough to carry around his books, spirals and binders full of syllabi. There’s a belted-flap patch pocket in the front perfect for calculators and pens. But he’ll be glad there is a place for his cell phone and earbuds. A hidden back zipper allows access to the interior compartment for easy access to his school notes. But he’ll think it’s a great place to sneak in all those love notes he collects but doesn’t tell you about.

And finally, you will be sold when you see that the easily adjustable shoulder straps are made from felt-padded leather. After all, these comfortable straps make it easy to carry around his school necessities up and down all those hallways. And with this feature, your thoughts will be in sync with your son’s. (Treasure this, parents. It won’t happen often.)


Price: $795

Dimensions: 15"W x 17"H x 5 1/2"D