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CEF Stories: Yelibelly Chocolate

Aug 27, 2015 08:51AM ● By Dia

Yeli just opened the only chocolate store in Southlake in 2014. Yelibelly Chocolates is an artisan chocolate company that specializes in custom, flavor-infused chocolates and confections. Working with chocolate has been a passion of Yeli's since she began to experiment with this melty treat in 2006.

Prior to opening Yelibelly Chocolates, Yeli worked as a Registered Dietician. She holds a bachelors and Master’s degree in nutrition and food science and worked in the food service industry for over 14 years. Her area of work as a dietitian focused on menu/recipe development for large companies and child nutrition.

Since beginning her work as a chocolatier, Yeli has won the Grapevine Chocolate Festival twice and been named the "Most Unique Chocolate" in 2010 and 2014. The unique flavors that caught the favor of the judges were a Habanero infused dark chocolate truffle and a Thai Chili Pepper infused chocolate.

Yeli is looking forward to providing a delicious chocolate experience to the attendees this year!

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