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Southlake Carroll Dragons Running Strong At the Marcus I Invitational

Sep 15, 2015 02:52PM ● By Kevin

Senior Tig Archer.

Denton, Texas (August 29, 2014) – The Southlake Carroll Cross Country teams showed their depth at the Marcus I Invitational meet in Denton’s North Lakes Park on Saturday with 5 of the 6 Southlake teams placing 1st.  All teams stepped up to meet the challenge of their first 5k of the season. Between the boys and girls teams, 12 finished as the National Elites*.

Coach Justin Leonard commented, “The Marcus I Invite is a great venue for a season opening 5k Race.  The teams ran well and we are extremely proud of how they performed. Our depth showed throughout the Varsity and JV races and we are confident that we can build upon that depth this season.  We must continue to work hard and remember that it’s not how you start the season, but how you finish it.”

Junior Reed Brown.

The Varsity Boys Elite team came out strong, beating the next closest team by 70 points.  Reed Brown led the Dragons taking 1st for the team and 3rd overall with a time of 15:19, followed by Charlie Gardner grabbing 5th place at 15:39, Michael Waugh in 11th place running 16:09, Shea Whatley placing 16th coming in at 16:17 and Chase Haddock in 19th at 16:30 to finish out the top five. 

The Varstiy Boys Open team also had an impressive 1st place finish with a score of 38 points.  Mikey Simcho took 1st for the Dragons and 3rd overall with a time of 16:34.  Jackson Felkins was next to cross the line with a 5th place finish and a time of 16:50, followed by Juan Arcilla coming in 7th at 17:09, then David Archer taking 10th with a 17:19 and Connor Rutledge finishing out the top 5 coming in 13th with a time of 17:27. 

The Varsity Girls Elite team had an impressive showing, as well coming in 2nd place lead by Tig Archer with an 7th place finish and a time of 18:44. Next was Alison Esparza taking 8th place running a 18:48, Sarah Odneal secured 12th place with a time of 19:02.08, Gillian Mortimer right behind taking 13th at 19:02.92 and Kayli Jone in 14th place with a 19:07 to round out the top 5 scoring positions.

The Varsity Girls Open team took 1st and scored just 22 points, beating their next closest opponent by 79. The team was lead by Ari Lopez taking 2nd place with a time of 19:41, followed by Chantal Van der Westhuizen taking 3rd running a 19:54, Isabelle Dominguez snagged 4th running a 19:56, Olivia Arriaza was next in 5th place with a 20:02 and Lauren Esparza finished the top 5 with an 8th place finish at 20:14.

Southlake Carroll also dominated the JV Elite division, taking 1st place for both boys and girls. The boys scored an impressive 17 points, taking the 1st , 2n , 3rd , 4th  and 7th place spots.  The girls secured a 1st place win with an equally impressive score of only 20, taking the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place spots.

The Dragons runners will be hosting the Southlake Invitational meet next Saturday, September 5th at Bob Jones Park in Southlake.

*National Elite Standards: Boys – 16:30 or below; Girls – 19:45 or below

-Tig Archer, Alison Esparza, Sarah Odneal, Gillian Mortimer, Kayli Jones, Cate Tracht, Ali White, Ari Lopez, Reed Brown, Charlie Gardner, Michael Waugh and Shea Whatley.

Boys Elite Varsity

3rd – Reed Brown 15:19

5th – Charlie Gardner 15:39

11th – Michael Waugh 16:09

16th – Shea Whatley 16:17

19th – Chase Haddock 16:30

26th – Nic Fernandes 16:39

39th – Timou Toure 17:03

Boys Varsity Open

3rd – Mickey Simcho 16:34

5th – Jackson Felkins 16:50

7th – Juan Arcilla 17:09

10th – David Archer 17:19

13th – Connor Rutledge 17:27

25th – Sam Kemps 17:48 

Girls Elite Varsity

7th – Tig Archer 18:44

8th – Alison Esparza 18:48

12th – Sarah Odneal 19:02.08

13th – Gillian Mortimer 19:02.92

14th – Kayli Jones 19:07

21st – Cate Tracht 19:24

23RD – Ali White 19:33

Girls Varsity Open

2nd – Ari Lopez 19:41

3rd – Chantal Van der Westhuizen 19:54

4th – Isabelle Dominguez 19:56

5th – Olivia Arriaza 20:02

8th – Lauren Esparza 20:14.69

9th – Gabi Bigalke 20:14.87

14th – Sarah McCabe 20:31

Boys Elite  JV

1st – Evan Dunkel 17:31

2nd - Tyler Coleman 17:42

3rd – Henry Gardner 17:55

4th – Chris Duffy 18:00

7th- Everrett Kolto 18:15

11th – Ryan Sanders 18:28

13th – Greyson Mitchell 18:36 

Girls Elite JV

2nd – Regan Reilley 20:42

3rd – Laulren Stewart 20:45

4th-  Sofia Santamaria 20:50

5th – Angela Riera 20:52

6th – Amy Riera 21:18

7th – Micha Dadson 21:34

8th – Christina Canal 21:35

For full Marcus I meet results –

Information and photos provided by Laurie Kemps.