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Duhon: 'Work Overcomes Talent, Talent Doesn't Work Hard'

Sep 29, 2015 08:27PM ● Published by Kevin

Senior wide receiver Kam Duhon has 8 receptions for 141 yards, averaging 17.6 yards per catch through four games this season. Son of Shawn Duhon, principal at the senior high school and brother of former Dragon and current Horned Frog, Keaton, Duhon also runs track.

He discussed this and more with us in this week's Q&A.

Southlake Style: Talk about the team's output thus far and your feelings on how you've played. 

Kam Duhon: I think we’re doing great. We’re going out there, busting our tails, playing to the best of our ability and pulling out wins. That’s all you can ask for. I had a couple of good catches in the Westlake and Union games, and the others were straight blocking. You’ve got to block before you can catch. 

SS: District play is coming up. What are your thoughts on some upcoming matchups? 

Duhon: It’s always going to be a battle. Trinity and Coppell last year were tough games. They’re going to come up strong this year. It’s going to be brutal, but we have to put our heads down and keep fighting to get the win. 

SS: What else do you do? 

I run track in the winter and spring. I love running track. I started track freshman year. It was football before track, but I love it. I’d love to pursue it in college. It’s one of my dreams. Hopefully I can get to that. I run the 300 Hurdles and the 4x4. 

SS: Your brother plays ball for TCU. Talk about growing up with him and his influence on you. 

Duhon: I love him like a brother. If it’s a competition between us, we always try to beat each other. He’s always been bigger than me. I always want to be better than him. It’s a constant battle. He’s taught me to be a man and to not worry about anything. It’s not about yourself. You put the team before yourself. You have to have the competitive nature - that will to win. That’s what he’s taught me.

I’ve been to three of his games. We went to the Texas Tech-TCU game last week. It’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever been to.

SS: What's it like having your dad as the principal of your school? 

Duhon: It’s kind of fun. People think it’s weird seeing your dad everyday as the principal - your boss pretty much. During school, he’ll walk up and give me some love, but he doesn’t act like a dad in school. He doesn’t treat me like his son. It’s kind of nice. He treats me like a son at home, but a student at school. He’s got a real passion for kids.

SS: What's your college outlook right now? Where do you want to go, what do you want to do? 

Duhon: It would be a dream of mine to run track at Texas Tech. We visited the campus last week and I loved it. It was nice. I talked to the track coach. It was a nice campus. Hopefully I can pursue track there.

If I don’t run track there or whatever and I have a chance to walk on the football team, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I don’t want to give football or track up. They are a passion of mine.

SS: What would you like to major in and pursue as a career? 

Duhon: Actually, I’m probably going to major in education and be a teacher and coach, and eventually be a principal like my dad. I'm going to follow in my dad’s footsteps.

SS: What would you like to do before graduating? 

Win a state championship in football and in the 4x4 or 300 hurdles – be the best that I can be.

SS: What would you tell the incoming freshman class after you leave? 

Duhon: Keep chasing your dreams. I was one of the smallest kids freshman year. Even if you are the smallest kid, don’t worry about it. I grew a foot from my freshman to my sophomore year. It’s not about your height or athletic ability. Work overcomes talent and talent doesn’t work hard. That’s my mentality and that’s what I would tell them – keep on pursuing.

SS: Anyone you'd like to thank? 

Duhon: I’d like to thank my parents. My mom and dad have always supported me. My family. I love them a lot.

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