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Parenting Perspective When School Is In Session

Oct 09, 2015 08:23AM ● By Audrey Sellers

By Leah Spina

Yesterday I ran into Target and passed the chaos of parents and students buying school supplies. I felt so happy that Samson was NOT starting kindergarten this year – a whole, delicious year ahead of being at home with my three little ones. Time stand still!

Then a friend texted that her oldest son was off to college and she was doing his last load of laundry with emotion sky high (what will THAT be like – doing Samson’s last load of laundry?)

Then another friend had the last of her four children move out of the house. She went in to fluff the couch pillows but “they were exactly the same as the day before because no one used them.” I wonder what THAT will look like – when David Spina and I are official empty nesters?

These life season moments are so helpful for me to STOP and SMELL my children right now, in this very season, even during long, draining sleepless newborn nights. At least I have three little warm bodies in my house!

And my couch pillows are strewn across the floor from wild child play this afternoon – but someday they will just stay still and boring on the couch.

Savor each season of motherhood. Kiss your babies! Shower then with “I love you.” STOP in your busy days ahead to find ordinary, extraordinary moments with your child.

(I’m so tired waking with a one-week newborn I can’t write a good ending – ha! But I will hold my baby with love tonight, instead of resentment, because the perspective these friends bring to my season of motherhood. Life is so short. Help me, God, to prioritize the “big things” in motherhood, and let the rest take a back burner.)

Here’s a sweet perspective from my precious sister-in-law:

They grow up so fast…this is the advice I get from all mothers who walk the road of motherhood ahead of me. Yet, during the months when Alexander struggled to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time, the nights seemed endless and the days long. Now, Alexander sleeps rather soundly and wakes to eat only once before morning. Saturday night I put my baby to sleep expecting his voice to summon me for our middle-of-the-night feeding and dreading the interruption to my sleep before such an early morning. To my surprise, the summons never came! A whirlwind of emotions swirled in my heart – I rejoiced for a full night of sleep, yet prayed that it wouldn’t be the end of our middle-of-the-night feedings! I pictured his big, sleepy blue eyes light up as I swoop him into my arms and his little fat fingers pat my cheek as he and I spend 30 quiet minutes together without distractions in the early-morning darkness. All the sudden, waking up wasn’t an interruption, but a sweet moment I took for granted. Sunday night, I put him down, this time hoping to hear his voice call me in the night. Thank you, Jesus, he did call for me and I cheerfully greeted those blue eyes, thankful for one more night. Now I see, they really do grow up too fast. Lord, give me wisdom and grace to treasure these precious moments!

 Photo via Flickr.

Leah Spina is a former journalist of a national newsweekly turned stay-at-home mom to three children, age five and under. She lives in the Dallas area with her husband, David, and is a speaker to mom groups and conferences. Her new book Stop and Smell Your Children: Laugh and Enjoy the Little Years helps parents to enjoy, not just endure, the little years by changing their parenting perspective. Visit to sign-up for Leah’s free weekly parenting blog and video. You can also follow her on Instagram (leahthespina) and Facebook. When Leah is not burning macaroni and cheese, she enjoys singing Italian opera, riding horses and drinking inordinate amounts of Starbucks coffee.