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Adaptive Results

Oct 14, 2015 02:18PM ● By Dia

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In our last article we exposed the SAID Principle and discussed the body’s ability to meet demand when it is challenged. Adaption also happens to be the first phase of training for incoming clients. As promised I will share the results for Southlake sophomore swimmer Logan Davis. Logan only started swimming in 2010 learning the basics at Dragon Swim School, in the next year Logan progressed to making North Texas Nadadores (NTN) Navy Elite group and in 2 years Logan qualified for Texas Age Group Swimming where he competed with the fastest 25 swimmers in the state of Texas. Jumping forward to fall 2014 Logan helped the Dragons win their 5th state title while battling bacterial pneumonia and experiencing a ten pound weight loss.

In June of 2015 Logan came to Impact Performance & Fitness to put on some muscle weight and entered into the adaptive phase of his training while continuing to practice with NTN. Logan qualified for the 2015 TXLA Speedo Southern Sectionals in Austin where, after just a month with Impact, he set personal bests in every event he competed in at that meet. Logan results included a drastic 11.12 second improvement in his 400 Individual Medley, as well as, 5.43 second drop in the 200 Fly and a 3.93 second improvement in his 200 Individual Medley. Then just two weeks later Logan entered the American Long Course Finals and again dropped 2.37 seconds in his 200 Individual Medley as well as dropping 4.05 seconds in the 100 Backstroke.

So we can see from just a short sampling the adaptive phase yielded excellent results to an already efficient athlete. Our next step in Logan’s strength training is the Endurance phase. Endurance is defined as; the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress or other adverse conditions. So for a swimmer this phase of training is paramount to success in the water and only varies slightly from the adaptive phase in training with different rep counts & weight on the same established functional movements that the body has already adapted. It is vitally important at any level that the athlete have complete mastery of every movement they are challenged with because if it’s not done correctly the body will adapt to doing it incorrectly which leaves the door open to injury and failure. All too often in strength training the correct way is sacrificed for the accomplishment of moving more weight which only reinforces the weaknesses that are already present.

Come back next month as we further discuss the endurance phase and also explore the strength phase and its application to athletes. And as always, come into Impact Performance and Fitness to learn about our training and facility and how we can help you achieve your own fitness goals!


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