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Southlake Style

Keeping the Spirit Alive

Oct 19, 2015 11:41AM ● By Mike

Dragon fans wear their custom made Tumbleweed TexStyles shirts sponsored by Ozarka Brand 100% Natural Spring Water.

Sponsored by Ozarka Brand 100% Natural Spring Water

Growing up in Texas, high school football was integral to the fabric of our community. It was never just a sport; rather, a symbol of Texas pride. As former football players, we remain committed to protecting this sacred tradition and keeping the Texan spirit alive for generations to come. That is why we founded Tumbleweed TexStyles in 2011, a Texas inspired apparel brand that brings to life our enthusiasm for our beautiful state and the traditions that keep it flourishing. It is also why we are partnering with OZARKA® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water to create limited edition t-shirts in celebration of their support of the Southlake Carroll High School football program as the official spring water of Dragon Stadium. The OZARKA® brand has been part of Texas for more than 100 years and, like our products, it’s 100% natural spring water is sourced only from Texas. To partner with a brand that honors our local community as much as we do was a natural fit.

The limited edition t-shirts we have developed in partnership with OZARKA® are being sold throughout the Southlake Carroll Dragons football season at all home games. Proceeds for the t-shirts will go toward the Carroll Athletic Booster Club to help keep the high school football tradition alive. We invite you to purchase a t-shirt to join us in celebration of this time-honored tradition and join OZARKA® and Tumbleweed TexStyles in supporting our local community. 

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