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Dragon Pride Well Represented: Greyson Mitchell

Oct 20, 2015 10:44AM ● By Mike

Members of The Crew get ready to pump up the crowd. Photo by S. Johnson/

Greyson Mitchell (center in Dinosaur Costume)

In one word, Dragon football is: Dyn-O-sty! 

I joined The Crew because:  The community inspired me to be an outgoing person and I want to hopefully inspire others in the community the same way. 

Why do you have Dragon Pride? Ever since I was a little Dragon I admired the hard work ethic and the success rate that the Dragon community has to offer.

What is your pre-game ritual? This year we like to mimic the opposition’s stretching and warm-up routine. It is a fun way to get ready for the game, while also giving all the fans of both teams a small laugh. 

Favorite classes in school: Algebra 2 with Coach Loveless.

Future plans: To minor in biology and then work my way into a medical program to become a children's general physician.  

Can be heard on the sidelines cheering: “Let’s go! It’s third down!!!”

Can be seen on the sidelines: Next to the cheerleaders.

Favorite game-day moment: When the team first runs onto the field. It sends a strong message that we are the Dragons and we are here to take care of business.

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