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Ghoulish Gathering Guide

Oct 22, 2015 02:02PM ● Published by Dia

With chilling movies on channel after channel and aisles at every store strewn with trampled costumes, Halloween is a tradition children anticipate all year long. But who says adults can’t get in on the excitement? This year, we’ve got you covered on how to throw a sophisticated and spooky soiree that’ll prove Halloween isn’t just for kids.


The first thing to decide is what kind of party you want to throw. Costumes are a Halloween staple that adults often forego, but we say “boo” to that. With Pinterest overflowing with DIY costume ideas that require little more than a trip to Michael’s, it’s as easy as ever. One of our favorites is the DIY Frappuccino. Grab a tan dress, attach the Starbucks logo and glue a green straw to a headband. You’d be surprised how many costume piece essentials you may already own.

While Halloween could be a theme on its own, a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to party planning. Try a “Boos and Booze” theme – or call it “Costumes and Cocktails” for a bit of added elegance – and allow guests to pick their poison out of a variety of themed alcoholic beverages. If you opt for a costume-less evening, you may want to go heavier on the decorations. However you decide to theme your fall festivity, make sure you clarify it on your invitation.


Face it – it’s 2015, and Halloween décor hasn’t changed. Classic black and orange with pops of royal purple come out to play all month long. Although you’ll want to stay somewhat true to Halloween colors at your gathering, you don’t want your guests feeling like they just walked into the Halloween aisle at the grocery store.

Opt instead for a chic Halloween look by using orange and silver instead of black. This year, save the crows, witches’ hats and skull decorations, and focus more on fall. Make a rustic sign by painting a festive word on a wooden canvas, and hang it using ribbons. Kirkland’s in Southlake sells a retro “Boo to Y’all” sign if you feel like adding a Texan twist to the mix. Pick up some fake pumpkins at Hobby Lobby and decorate them with paint or glitter to use as stylish centerpieces – or wrap them in gauze and attach some googly eyes for cute mummy pumpkin decorations.


The first thing to remember when it comes to Halloween- themed food is not to get too crazy. If it looks gross, people won’t eat it. One idea we love that tones down the fright factor is mummy dogs, which are like pigs in a blanket, but with the dough twisted around the hot dog.

Or, make some cute and easy Frankenstein marshmallow pops. First, skewer some jumbo marshmallows, then dip the whole marshmallow into green-dyed chocolate. Wait for that to dry and then dip just the tops in regular milk chocolate to make the hair. Add a face with icing and stick a pretzel stick through the “ears.”

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, you can get a bit more jovial with the spook-factor. Simply add food coloring to your favorite cocktail and serve it in festive glassware. And if you really want to add to the menacing vibe, serve the drinks with dry ice – but be sure to learn the safety precautions first.

With these categories to keep in mind, you’ll be planning your Halloween soiree in no time. Now all that’s left is to pick a killer creepy playlist (think: “Zombie Jamboree,” “Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” etc.) and let the frightening festivities begin. 

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