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Southlake Style

Dragon Pride Well Represented: Adam Sasek

Oct 28, 2015 04:27PM ● By Mike

Senior High Band, President

In one word, Dragon football is: Exhilarating!

I joined the band because: Music is one of my passions and I wanted to play saxophone like my musical idols Kenny G and Bill Clinton.

Why do you have Dragon Pride? I am honored to be part of a community and school that upholds high standards and values.

What is your pre-game ritual? I lead the saxophone “Gametime” chant where I yell to various members in my section asking them “What time is it?” and they respond “GAMETIME!”

Favorite classes in school: Physics, calculus, band and jazz band.

Future plans: I want to be an engineer and an officer in the military.

Can be heard on the sidelines cheering: FOOTBALLLLL!!!”

Can be seen on the sidelines: Playing stand tunes and partying with the saxophones.

Favorite game-day moment: Performing the halftime show and being proud of the hard work that has gone into our performance.