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What's the Hype About?

Nov 12, 2015 02:24PM ● By Dia

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So we have talked about adaption with The SAID Principle and covered endurance in training. The next phase we want to share is the hypertrophy phase. By definition, hypertrophy means to grow or increase something. In fitness, it is usually referring to muscle. Muscle is the key ingredient in many things from strength, to power, to increased explosive power, to increased metabolic rate, which ultimately is the fitness goal of just about every person who is trying to get in better shape. Increased metabolic rate is a response to the SAID Principle. It is your body’s response to the demand that is placed upon it. Increased endurance, muscle hypertrophy (growth), strength, increased speed or power are all responses to the demand that is put on the body which is how results are created through training.  

Last month I shared the results of swimmer Logan Davis who is a sophomore for the Dragons. This month I am going to share some of the results of a sophomore lacrosse player, Paxton Garman, who has been working out at Impact Performance & Fitness. Obviously the requirements for these two athletes are similar but very different as well. 

Each sport requires strong endurance and the ability to generate great power in an instant, but in lacrosse it is going from a jog to a sprint or creating the energy in a pass or shot which requires a high level of hip stability. Adversely, the hips are utilized minimally in swimming, which relies heavily on shoulder mobility and strength.

Paxton came to Impact in the late summer with a desire to be bigger, faster and stronger (sound familiar?). As always, we started with our base program to establish a solid foundation with adaption and endurance but have moved into the hypertrophy phase now. Paxton started with us weighing about 155 pounds and in a short 10 weeks has gained an impressive 17 pounds to weigh in at 172 pounds currently. The results have brought speed, power and endurance to his game that was described as a noticeable difference in how the athlete feels. Although the approach was nearly the same, the results were different because of the system that was applied. There are no tricks to gaining strength and power but it can definitely be manipulated to meet the needs of an athlete.

 Check back next month as we move on in the training cycle to the power phase and as always contact Impact Performance & Fitness for your fitness needs. 
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