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Westlake Academy Students Embrace the Spirit of Giving

Dec 09, 2015 02:18PM ● By Audrey Sellers

Fourth graders at Westlake Academy share ideas for the LIMBS International campaign

Fourth graders at Westlake Academy are taking the spirit of giving to a whole new direction this holiday season. Between now and December 18, they are raising awareness and collecting money to help provide prosthetic limbs to amputees in impoverished countries as part of a LIMBS International global awareness campaign. As a show of support for those students who are without limbs and cannot participate in outdoor activities, the students are also planning a sit-in during their recess time.

The fourth graders are collaborating with other students locally in Coppell and around the world in Buenos Aires and Mexico with the goal of joining together to help solve an issue faced by children around the world.

Last week, the students began brainstorming, planning and deciding on a message for their campaign. After many great suggestions and much discussion, they agreed on the campaign slogan: “Give Hope and Change Lives with LIMBS!”

On December 7, students shared their plan and described steps they will take to bring awareness to LIMBS International:

Students said in a press release: “We have set a goal of ‘4 for Four.’.$1,200 would buy four pairs of prosthetic limbs for amputees in an impoverished country. We are even planning a ‘Non-Walk’ recess on December 17 to reflect on what everyday life might be like for a person who has lost a limb due to disease or illness.

“We invite you to share in our campaign and help us bring awareness to LIMBS International. This season of giving is the perfect time to share our time, talent and treasure in helping others We invite you to join us!” 

The students’ first commercial was shared with parents and teachers last week, and they have placed posters around campus. For the next two weeks, students will implement their plan and monitor success. They registered the campaign with LIMBS International, and donations will be accepted here.